Shiv Sfurti Gramviakas Mandal, Village Hadi, District Malwan. Is an initiative set up by the villagers for the welfare of the hadi Village. Through people's participation, this Mandal has successfully completed various projects benefiting all the villagers. With the clear objective of Gram Vikas Through People's Participation This Mandal has set up an excellent example for other villages.

Collective Farming

Smaller units of farms are common issues in Kokan Region, also due to the hills and unsteady land structure. Resulting which setting up irrigation facility or usage of any farm mechanism turns out to be Expensive affair.
Understanding all these challenges, 'Shiv Sfurti Gramvikas Mandal' incepted the concept of collective faming. Gaining peoples trust, and convincing them for this collective approach was not an easy task, as the farming venture requires immense efforts and resource both to show a good result.